Agile Trend Analysis -2021

Agile literally means to act quickly, in a coordinated way. We often associate this word with the word adaptation, and when we say Agility, we also refer to our ability to adapt to all kinds of conditions.

In 2020, our lives have been completely changed by an invisible being. The common name of this creature, as you know, is Covid-19. With the introduction of Covid into our lives, we had to restructure ourselves and our organizations in order to continue producing as white-collar workers. We have all become masters of remote working in a very short time. Personally, I never dreamed that I could work from home before, but at the end of this process, I realized that I could work from home much more efficiently.

That’s why 2020 and 2021 have been exceptionally agile years for all of us.

Every year, company conducts Agile surveys with thousands of participants from different organizations globally and publishes it as a report. This year, the 15th State of Agile report was published. As a contribution to this study, I make a trend analysis by comparing the latest report and the previous report.

If you want to examine the trend analysis I made last year;

Let’s take a look at the outstanding metrics of this year before going into trend analysis;

A very interesting metric has been published regarding the working order of teams after Covid-19. According to this metric, only 3% of respondents will return to the office after Covid. The rest are switching to models such as remote or hybrid.

· Agile adoption rate in software development teams seems to have gained incredible momentum, increasing from 37% to 86%.

· Although adoption of Agile has doubled outside of IT, there are some obstacles to its greater acceptance. These are;

o Inconsistencies in processes and practices 46%

o Cultural clashes 43%

o General organizational resistance to change 46%

· In addition, although in previous years, participants stated that organizational culture is one of the most important obstacles to change, this year it is no longer seen as one of the major obstacles.

· DevOps is getting more and more important. 75% of respondents say DevOps is important or very important to their organization.

·Value Stream Mapping is gaining more and more importance. 66% of respondents state that they have already implemented or are planning to implement VSM

Let’s come to our trend analysis;

Company Experience with Agile

Agile Adoption

Agile Challenges

Agile Methods, Techniques and Tools

Scaling Agile


Value Stream Mapping

As you can see, whether you are an IT employee or a NonIT employee, our world is getting more and more agile. The way to quickly adapt to the changing world is to adopt Agile and Lean approaches. Organisations that adopt this early will progress, while organisations that show resistance will unfortunately extinct over time.



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